High Peak Vehicle Deliveries


Who are we?

Welcome to High Peak Vehicle Deliveries Ltd, the North Wests best vehicle delivery company. We are based just south of Manchester and are able to collect and deliver vehicles all over the UK mainland. We have over 15 years combined experience of delivering vehicles, and hence an excellent knowledge of the UK road (and rail) network. All our drivers are experienced, with at least 10 years driving experience!

What do we do?

As the name suggests we deliver vehicles. We can collect the vehicle from anywhere on the UK mainland, be it collect from your home, business or showroom and deliver it to a location of your choice, or, collect from a location of your choice (private address, business address, showroom, auction etc) and deliver the vehicle to your home, business or showroom!

How do we move vehicles?

All vehicles are moved by driving them from collection to delivery. All of our drivers use trade plates, so if the vehicle has no road tax it can still be driven on the UK roads.

How Long does it take?

From the point at which we recive your order form to the point of delivery is usually under 48 hours (over 80% of vehicles are moved in under 48 hours) and most of the remainder in under 72 hours (subject to the vehicle being available, and ready to roll!)