High Peak Vehicle Deliveries







Please Also See Our FAQ’s which are designed to supplement the Terms and Conditions set out below

A Brief Overview of the Service

In a nutshell
HPVD collect vehicles from any address you specify on the UK mainland and deliver them to any address you specify on the UK mainland. We then charge you (based on mileage) for the movement.

What does the price include?
Fully comprehensive insurance for the trade value your vehicle, the drivers time, RFL for the duration of the movement via trade plates (if required) and an overview vehicle inspection on collection by the driver


What does the price not include?
Anything not in the above “What does the price include?” section

The Process
We ask you to place an order at
www.hpvd.net , from here we will contact the collection (and / or delivery) point to confirm the details and then allocate a driver to the collection. Please note this is the only way can accept confirmation of an order. If you wish to contact us by phone to discuss availability of drivers etc please feel free to do so and we will try our best to give an honest and realistic estimate on the date and time we can collect the vehicle. Occasionally things beyond our control (traffic, public transport, illness etc) may mean that this estimate has to be revised but we will try to keep you informed of any changes as soon as we are aware of them. We try our very best to minimise any rescheduling!
Upon the drivers arrival at the collection point he or she will do an inspection on the vehicle. This inspection will be documented and the supplier of the vehicle will be asked to sign the document to show that they are in agreement with it (they will receive a copy of it). This inspection is not intended to be exhaustive; it is intended to give a general overview of the vehicles condition and what condition the vehicle was in on collection. Minor damage is often very difficult to see due to adverse weather conditions, a dirty exterior or poor lighting conditions, with this in mind we give no guarantees of the accuracy of the inspection, however for all daylight collections, where the car is not filthy and in anything but the worst weather conditions (heavy frost, snow etc) major damage will be noted (large dents, deep long scratches, accident damage etc), along with any visible minor damage at the time of collection. We check both oil and water levels. We do no other mechanical checks on the vehicle (other than tyre tread) and none of our drivers have any mechanical qualifications. Any vehicle that is obviously not mechanically fit to drive or is not roadworthy will not be driven. Vehicles may have underlying mechanical problems on collection, these may become apparent on route and if so we will inform you as soon as they do become apparent, however we give no guarantees on the mechanical condition of the vehicle when it leaves site or when it reaches its destination and will under no circumstances be held responsible for any vehicle that breaks down (for any reason) on route. All vehicles must have a valid MOT certificate. All vehicles must be roadworthy and have no obvious reason to fail an MOT .If you wish to have a thorough mechanical and/or bodywork inspection done, we would advise contacting a motoring organisation (RAC or AA) prior to HPVD collecting the vehicle. Once our inspection has been done the driver will move (via driving or transporting) the vehicle to its destination via the fastest route on a TomTom Sat Nav. The route taken may differ from the mileage we charge, for several reasons, firstly traffic conditions – we are equipped with Satellite Navigation equipment that will keep us informed of traffic conditions on route and will avoid any delays. Occasionally, the driver may take the vehicle home. This is to get an early start the following day – often a vehicle will be delivered early the morning after collection.This is often the only way to get a job done, especially if it is a long distance job. This may occassioanlly incurr a small amount of extra miles and hence a small amount of additional fuel, which we feel is a much better option than charging for overnight accomadation after delivery of the vehicle.  The driver will keep HPVD and the customer informed of any problems that may occur on route. Upon delivery, the receiver of the vehicle will be asked to inspect the vehicle and to sign the inspection report to note their agreement with condition of the vehicle (the receiver of the vehicle will receive a copy of the report). Please note that if the receiver chooses not to inspect the vehicle at delivery (or refuses to sign for the vehicle, or signs 'UNCHECKED') then HPVD cannot, and will not enter into any subsequent disputes regarding damage that may of occurred on route....but may also of occurred 'post' delivery. HPVD will then send you an invoice for the movement which you should receive within 1 week of the movement date. We give an absolute maximum of 30 days credit from the date of the vehicle movement and reserve the right to charge interest on any late paid invoices.


We Do Not.....
Do extensive bodywork checks on collection or delivery. A general overview of the vehicles cosmetic condition is given on our Inspection Report
Do extensive mechanical checks on collection or delivery (limited to oil, water and tyre tread).
Valet vehicles on collection or delivery (internal or external).
Get involved with describing a vehicle to the receiver. We assume that the supplier has described the vehicle accurately to the receiver and the receiver is either happy with the description (ie happy to buy unseen), has seen pictures of the vehicle and is happy to purchase without physically seeing the vehicle or has seen the vehicle in person and simply wants HPVD to collect and deliver it. Any problems with the description of the vehicle should be taken up with the supplier and will NOT be entered into by HPVD
Recover broken down vehicles (other than break downs on route for which charges will apply).
Pay for vehicles on a customer’s behalf. It is your responsibility to pay for any vehicles you wish us to collect on your behalf
Handle cash on a customer’s behalf. We are not insured to carry cash and will not under any circumstances carry cash on a customer’s behalf
Deliver anything other than vehicles. We cannot drop anything off “on route” as trade plate rules do not allow us to carry a “load!” Also we simply NEVER have time (See Below –Delays)
Make judgements on a vehicle. It is up to you to decide prior to us collecting the vehicle if the vehicle is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. See above point re “describing a vehicle to the receiver”
Move a vehicle as a “freebie” or as a favour. All vehicles HPVD are asked to move (no matter what the distance or how “convenient” the vehicle may be) will be charged for in full with a minimum charge that applies at that time.
Prep a car on your behalf. It is your responsibility to prep a vehicle to whatever level you (or your customer) require it prepared to. Any complaints from your customer regarding this issue will be directed to you. Please note: we are also NOT responsible for correcting any problems caused by lack of prep that you may have with your customer or vice versa
Fill in paperwork on your behalf. It is your responsibility to fill in dealership or finance paperwork etc. We may get the paperwork signed for you but cannot fill it in for you.
Waiver any charges. Any charges we incur in the process of moving the vehicle will be passed on to you. Commonly these include, but are not limited to: - fuel, toll charges, oil (if required), drivers waiting time (anything over ½ an hour on collection or delivery), aborted jobs (jobs not available within 1 hour of the driver arriving to collect the vehicle, breakdowns, etc), and expenses to recover or repair a vehicle.
Give over 30 days credit. We ask for full payment (including any expenses incurred) within 30 days of the movement date. If payment is not received within 30 days of the movement date we may add interest to the outstanding balance.
Check Electrical components. We do no checks on the “working order” of any electrical components of the vehicle (for example stereo, entertainment or Sat Nav system). We are also not responsible for the electrical condition of the vehicle (on collection or delivery) or any electrical malfunction of the vehicle, its components or devices while the vehicle is on route
Repair or Restore Vehicles. We can do no “work” on vehicles while they are in our custody. We may however; get a vehicle repaired (by a qualified mechanic) or get it recovered to a garage via your recovery agent (or via the AA – a minimum charge will apply if HPVD recover a broken down vehicle). You will be responsible for any costs incurred. These costs may include waiting time, fares, accommodation or aborted job charges.
Store Vehicles. We have no vehicle storage facilities (other than over night or over weekend)
HPi Vehicles. If you require a HPi report you must do this before HPVD collect the vehicle and preferably before asking HPVD to collect the vehicle. HPVD take no responsibility for vehicles that are moved that have outstanding finance, undisclosed category damage (eg written off and repaired), have been reported stolen and or any other HPi issue that become apparent.
Collect any vehicle without checking it is ready and payment has cleared.




Delays fall in to 2 main categories (avoidable and unavoidable) and can have very costly consequences. If a driver gets delayed he or she may not get the car at or before the allotted time and hence may not get to where he or she is going. This means paying fares to get him or her to their next job, fares home or a nights’ accommodation. If the delay was unavoidable HPVD will shoulder the cost, however for all avoidable delays we will pass the costs on in the form of waiting time or an aborted job to our customers. We do try very hard to be as accommodating, understanding and fair as possible but please remember that we also need to make a living and must draw the line somewhere. Avoiding delays benefits everyone, customers get cars delivered on time, drivers get home earlier, get paid more and do more deliveries, and HPVD keep costs down and hence prices down.

Traffic and public transport delays are the 2 main unavoidable delays we have to deal with. We do our utmost to minimise these delays by using satellite navigation systems with traffic avoidance systems on them and by keeping as up to date as possible with traffic situations and with public transport problems and trying to find alternative routes if necessary

AVOIDABLE DELAYS (Costs Passed on to Customers)
The main avoidable delays are
The delay that drivers have on collection of a vehicle (most commonly at showrooms and at auctions). While we understand that it will take some time to get the keys, locate the vehicle and sort out documents we really do think that ½ an hour is more than enough time to do this, for this reason we will start to charge waiting time if the driver is kept waiting for over ½ an hour. If the driver is kept waiting over 1 hour the job will be aborted.
Delays involving payment for vehicles. This is very common and so easily avoided. Please simply check that funds have cleared with supplier of the vehicle before HPVD arrive to collect the vehicle. It is also a very good idea to obtain an email to this effect (with a contact name and mobile number for the person confirming that the payment has cleared). This is due to some dealerships not being able to log into banking details after the admin department has gone home (usually 5pm but sometimes earlier). Email confirmation of payment will avoid this situation. If HPVD arrive and the vehicle is not paid for it will become an aborted job immediately as we can never accurately estimate when payment will clear in the suppliers account
We also experience delays when a vehicle is not at the specified location or is simply not ready, in valet or the workshop, or paperwork has not been completed on the vehicle. All the above issues can be easily avoided – check with the dealership if the vehicle is “ready to roll”, is “on site” and check that all necessary paperwork has been completed before HPVD arrive to collect the vehicle

Any vehicle that breaks down on route can be recovered by HPVD (via the AA’s recovery service), however we do charge a fee for each use of this service and we also charge for waiting time from the time of the breakdown to the time recovery takes place at £15 per hour. The movement will of course still be charged for in full (irrespective of where the vehicle is recovered to). If the vehicle is recovered then repaired and HPVD are subsequently asked to move the vehicle again, this will be classed as a separate job and will be charged as a separate job. Any fuel that has already been put in the vehicle will still be charged for.

Please note that HPVD take absolutely no responsibility for mechanical dysfunction, electrical dysfunction, tyre or glass damage that occurs on route.
Nor will HPVD enter into any correspondence regarding vehicles that have been badly or mis-described by the seller.

If a vehicle is unavailable for any reason or if the driver is kept waiting an excessive amount of time on collecting the vehicle (over 1 hour) the job will be aborted. You will be charged in full for the movement and for any costs incurred by HPVD that are directly attributable to the aborted job. These include the driver’s fares to his next job or home, overnight accommodation, waiting time and vehicle recovery charges.

Any delays over ½ an hour on collection or delivery will be charged at £15 per hour (or part thereof) and the job may be aborted if the delay is in excess of 1 hour. We also charge waiting time for break downs from the time of the break down to the time of recovery



The Small Print

Routes are calculated using Google Maps on our website; however it is not always possible to stick to a route due to variations in traffic conditions. Vehicles that are scheduled to be delivered the day after collection may be taken home for the night where they will be securely parked in an off road location, for these reasons the mileage driven and the mileage charged may vary.
A job may be cancelled free of charge by contacting HPVD within 48 hours of the pre-appointed movement date. If the job is cancelled after this point the job will become an aborted job. Any costs that HPVD have already incurred (eg booked advance train tickets) will be charged on to you.
If a job is aborted for any reason the full job fee is payable. HPVD also reserve the right to recharge any drivers accommodation expenses or drivers travel expenses home or to the drivers next job. Aborted jobs are as follows
Vehicle not at specified location
Vehicle not available (for any reason) or not paid for on specified date
PLEASE NOTE: ALL VEHICLES MUST HAVE A VALID MOT (WHERE APPLICABLE) AND BE IN A ROAD WORTHY CONDITION! If, on collection this is not the case, the job will be aborted.
It is the customer’s responsibility to recover any vehicle that breaks down between collection and delivery. If HPVD are requested to recover the vehicle a fee will be payable PLUS any additional costs incurred in order to recover or repair the vehicle. Waiting time will also be charged for the period of time taken to recover or repair the vehicle. All fuel will of course still be recharged to you. Please note that we take absolutely no responsibility for mechanical dysfunction, electrical dysfunction, tyre or glass damage that occurs on route
A return job is a vehicle that is being collected from the point of delivery and returned to the original collection location. The first vehicle is charged at normal rates, the return vehicle is charged at 75% of our normal rate subject to our current minimum charge.
All vehicles must be available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (for collection or delivery). We can often collect or deliver outside these times, where possible, but this is the minimum availability we require.
Any excessive delays on collection or delivery (over half an hour) will be charged at £15 per hour (or part thereof). Also if a vehicle breaks down, waiting time will be charged from the time of breakdown to the time of recovery. If a very excessive delay occurs (over 1 hour) the job may become aborted.
Whilst every care is taken to inspect the vehicle thoroughly on collection, it is not always possible to note every instance of minor damage (such as small scratches, chips and dents), this is especially true in adverse weather and lighting conditions, on dirty vehicles or vehicles that may be covered in leaves, frost, snow, rain or any matter that may obscure an inspection. These conditions will be noted on the inspection report. We also expect customers to point out any known damage to us on collection of the vehicle. Failure to do so may invalidate the inspection report completely. HPVD will not be held responsible for any glass, tyre, electrical or mechanical dysfunction incurred during transit or for minor damage missed during the inspection of a dirty, frost covered, snow covered, leaf covered or wet vehicle.
All vehicles are covered to our current indemnity limit on a TRADE VALUE basis. They are insured by our insurers from the time the vehicle is physically collected to the time the vehicle is physically delivered.
All vehicles must have a current MOT

Collections and deliveries can only be made on the UK mainland
All vehicles must be paid for (where applicable) and funds cleared before the vehicle can be collected (unless the seller is happy to release the vehicle without payment). No vehicles will be collected without contacting the seller first to check if the vehicle is definitely available for collection. A vehicle that cannot be released due to non payment will be aborted and charged for in full.
Any other related costs of moving a vehicle will be recharged to the customer. These include but are not limited to Toll Charges, costs of repair or replacement parts, costs incurred by the driver that are directly related to the upkeep or maintenance of the vehicle, accommodation charges, and storage charges.
HPVD assume that any vehicle collected has been accurately described to the receiver by the supplier. If this is not the case please contact the supplier. HPVD accept no responsibility for mis-described or badly described vehicles and will not enter into any correspondence regarding this matter
Customers are responsible for paying any congestion charges for vehicles collected or delivered to a congestion charging zone. HPVD will endeavour to inform customers if this is the case but we cannot be held responsible for the charges (or for any fines incurred for non payment of the charges)
HPVD are not able, under any circumstances, to get involved with payment for any vehicle. The vehicle must be paid for by 3.00PM on the day before collection. If it is not paid for by 3.00PM on the day before collection it will not be planned for collection on the next day.
All invoices must be settled within 30 days of the movement date. Any discounts given are dependent upon this and will be discontinued if payment is made later than 30 days after the movement date. We also reserve the right to charge interest on late paid invoices.
Occasionally a taxi may be used to get to or from a location if the vehicle is collected from (or delivered to) a very remote location with little or no public transport to or from the location.
Weekend work is by prior arrangement only. Drivers may be available on Saturdays (we never ask drivers to work Sundays), however all rail fares, bus and coach fares and taxi fares will be charged for any work scheduled on a Saturday