High Peak Vehicle Deliveries



As A Customer of High Peak Vehicle Deliveries Ltd you will receive ...............

Access to the best 'Trade Plate' drivers in the country, all over 40, with over 20 years driving experience and a minimum of five years 'trade plating' experience. They have all been hand picked by myself and I can honsetly say they are the best team of 'Trade Platers' in the UK.

A comprehensive Inspection Report upon collection of your vehicle. This includes details of all visible damage*, details of documents supplied with the car and a signature from the vehicle supplier agreeing to the report.

Access to our extensive and trusted network of suppliers that we have built up carefully over time. We are constantly in contact with 22 'Trade Plating' companies throughout the UK. If for any reason we are unable to move your vehicle in a reasonable time frame we will almost certainly be able to get one of our partners to move it.

*please see our terms and conditions for further information